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Order Management

Wiki restaurant order management system is a unique combination of Various systems like Captain App-which is used to take orders from the table, Table Touch App used to place the order directly by customer from Table itself, and Kitchen App used to track KOT and change the status of orders by Kitchen.

It helps you to Fast-track your order operations. The order management system automates and streamlines order processing for restaurants. Better order management means improved sales visibility, customer relations and order processing with minimum delays and back orders.

Wiki’s order management comes fully prepared for integration with online food delivery websites like Zomato, Food Panda, Swiggy etc. Online orders are streamlined so that you’ll be able to see orders from all the connected channels.

Captain App :

Captain App is an app with captain in a restaurant who takes orders from tables. It replaces the old method of Pen paper order taking which is time-consuming since after writing the order on paper, captain needed to go to POS terminal to put the order. Via Captain App, he can directly put the order in the system reducing time in placing an order, wait time and increases of table-turn rate by almost 20%.

Captain App is an evolutionary step by Wiki to modernize old pen paper order taking method. It is easy to use, intuitive app based on the most popular mobile OS in the world i.e. Android.

Table Touch :

Table Touch is placed customer table directly to facilitate direct ordering by customer. Table Touch App welcomes customer with Welcome message. Table touch offers many functionalities with order taking as its prime functionality. Customer can directly select a food item, add it to cart and place the order at the end.

 With this functionality, Table Touch also offers food item menu rating, review.

Kitchen App:

Kitchen App is placed in the kitchen and the order placed, as shown in the app with status changing functionality. The chef can start preparing the order or mark an item is prepared so that Captain can be notified about order preparedness.

This is a revolutionary concept since in an old way, once the order is placed, the paper KOT is given in Kitchen and once Kitchen prepares the order, the bell is rung to notify to floor about order preparedness. This old way is replaced by this more technical and digital way to increase efficiency.