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Restaurant POS

Wiki POS

You put your heart into your business so your POS company should do it too. That’s Why Wiki POS is designed and tested and used by business owners like you. Use Wiki POS and feel the difference.

Wiki POS which offers ordering, billing, invoice generation, table management like merge, split table etc. Offers day and close functionality.  Basically it has all those modules which an Point of sale system for restaurant requires for successful running of restaurant operation.

User Friendly Design:

Wiki POS offers a user-friendly design which is easy to access, understand, and user can easily facilitate POS operations without need of extensive training . The user interface is the system to the users and by offering a user-friendly and intuitive user interface, Wiki offers an user friendly system to end users, which reduces training time to use the system and increase efficiency.
The Wiki point of sale system focuses on easy understanding of functionality to its user so that he can fully use Restaurant POS system without much of hard work.

Easy to Set Up:

Wiki POS is Simple Point of Sale System. Most Restaurant point of sale  systems come with complex up procedure and lots of staff training. Wiki POS removes these Steps with an easy to use system.

Wiki Restaurant POS is easy to set up and start using it. Setup, training and actual operation is just a matter of time and your restaurant POS is ready to rock, place order, add customization to order, generate bill, register your inventory, manage your accounts and taxes, add recipes, calculate recipe cost all from single access point.

Testimonials :

Being an restaurant Bar, our need was Daily Physical settlement of liquor stock, Order management and table turn rate. Wiki’s support team is fantastic which helps us in every bit of customizations.


Multiple kitchen management, inventory management and Marketing was our most urgent need and as off now we are completely satisfied with Wiki’s performance.

We are using the Wiki since our inception and their App based order management system is most favourite functionality of our staff. Their support is also one of the strong points.

Talli & Co.