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Menu Management

Group your menu in categories, create menu modifiers for those categories. Wiki helps you to showcase your menu in a most digital and interactive way.

Wiki Menu management offers robust features so that you can directly improve your overall dining experience.

The Menu in captain app helps your staff to easily navigate through menu categories or via directly search for faster order placement. The multi-language feature helps your staff to easily handle the order taking process.e various menus or import

You can create various menus or import them via an excel sheet. You can create menu either with ingredients, recipe or products which helps you in stock management. Once the menu item is prepared that much stock is reduced from system inventory.

Wiki brings the most sophisticated piece of software via its table touch app in the market.

It Allows Diners To :

  • View menu digitally on tablet i.e. digital Menu
  • Showcase detailed menu with images & ingredients and description
  • Diners can directly rate and review your menu which you can show to other diners