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Kitchen App

Captain takes food order and then needs to forward KOT to kitchen and have to wait until he is intimidated about the food prepared, but adding an simple device in kitchen and we can eliminate the problem.

Wiki brings an intutative app specially made for kitchen section staff apart from KOT printer, called Wiki Kitchen app which gives live food preparation status to all other connected apps like POS ot Captain app.

As the KOT is generated via Wiki POS or Captain App, the KOT is printed and updated in kitchen app of Wiki, with order table no etc.

The app shows, order & each menu item in the order. In Front of each menu item clickable status flag is placed which the kitchen staff can use to update order status like “Preparing”, “Prepared” etc.

Each time the status is changed for menu item, it is shown on POS as well as captain app via notification. So that the captain can take action and deliver prepared order to table if its status is prepared.