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Employee Management

Restaurant staff is a key person in the food and beverage service industry and its standard. If you can have single windows to see all employee details their shift timings. Their overtime hours, applied leaves, etc. can be a key factor in scheduling your manpower for better service and performance.

Control your labor cost, save time in scheduling the staff and streamline staff communication. Manage all your staff information at a single place, manage contracts, payrolls, and social benefits information easily.

Wiki employee management integrates with Wiki POS easily so that you can set a target labor cost of sales and plan employee scheduling accordingly.

You can manage paid /  unpaid breaks during work, have your team declare tips at end of shift and sync with your timesheet.

Save Time: Wiki saves on an average 5-8 hours of yours with easy scheduling mechanism, spend less time in managing shift changes notify staff about schedules easily via SMS or emails.

Manage the Bottom Line: In the restaurant industry, every penny counts with WIKI you can optimize labor around key data like weather, sales and overtime laws to put money back in your pocket.

Control labor costs automatically: Easy and powerful time clocks, can prevent easily clock-ins and alert you of someone hits OT. Wiki automatically tracks schedule and break compliance and alerts you to errors.